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Our Practice

At Dental Implant & Specialist Centre our Specialist Surgeons and our team are experienced and caring professionals and pride ourselves on offering dedicated specialist knowledge and care with some of the most state of the art equipment and modern procedures in a comfortable, calm environment with free parking on-site and local and general anaesthetic (awake and asleep) facilities offered.

Our specialist surgeons provide exceptional, professional dental and medical care specializing in the head neck and jaws. Our wide range of services include surgical dental extractions, oral pathology, sleep apnea solutions, dental implants and reconstructive surgery just to name a few.

Medicare rebates apply for Consultations, Radiographs and many procedures performed by our Surgeons. Some procedures can also be billed directly to health funds with no out of pocket expense to the patient.

  • State of the art equipment
  • Medicare rebates
  • Free parking on-site
  • General anaesthetic facilities
  • QLD X-Ray in the same building

Darren TiteMB, BS (Qld), BDSc (Qld), FRACDS, FRACDSOMS

The combination of dentistry and medicine of course takes a long time to achieve. There aren't too many of us around , however it does provide my patients with a unique opportunity for receive the best treatment...

As the first dual qualified (Medicine and Dentistry) Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant on the Gold Coast in 2001, my role as Clinical Director of Surgery (OMS) was integral to the establishment of a long overdue comprehensive Oral and Maxillofacial surgery service.

I consider my current role (Senior Visiting Medical Specialist) as surgical mentor and student supervisor to be a great honour and continue to be committed to what is now a unique and highly regarded service offering the complete range of surgical scope relevant to our craft group. This service provides Trainees with tremendous exposure to sub-specialty techniques (rhinoplasty / skin cancer / facial deformity) not offered to Trainees in most parts of Australia. Completion of my first University Degree – I was immediately beguiled by the rare opportunity bestowed on graduates to help people and reduce suffering. It also amazed me that the general public was so willing (perhaps desperate?) to ease their burden that they consented to fresh faced kids like me looking into their mouths!

Completion of my Specialist training – I enjoyed working in Dentistry but came to the realization that I wanted to be able to provide a broader range of treatments beyond the confines of the mouth. This ambition lead to the completion of a Medical Degree and 4 more years of Specialty Training. Without doubt the most challenging (but thoroughly engaging and mostly enjoyable) period of my life. I love to help people and am very fortunate to work in a role where I can ease the pain of others on a daily basis.

I also love doing things with my hands, from making plastic aeroplanes as a kid, to bikes and cars, then tiny plates and screws as an adult. Ideally Medicare would pay for all the treatment and procedures I perform. Currently only some types of surgery are paid for by Medicare, leaving people to have to fund their own treatment. For the past 15 years, I have devoted 25% of my weekly timetable to my Queensland Health position (Senior Visiting Medical Specialist). Patients without the ability to pay for treatment are thus offered effectively free treatment by an experienced Specialist. Outside of work you can often find me on a board – surf / kite / snow / skate.

Career Highlights:

  • More than 15 years of Specialist Surgical Practice on the Gold Coast
  • Performed the first facial reconstructive procedure using 3-D custom guides on the Gold Coast
  • Performed the first TMJ (Jaw Joint) replacement surgery on the Gold Coast
  • Performed the first zygomatic (cheek bone) implant on the Gold Coast
  • Performed the first tooth transplantation on the Gold Coast