FAQ’s – Nose Surgery Gold Coast

  • Will my Gold Coast rhinoplasty procedure be eligible for a Medicare rebate?

    Medicare offers rebates for most procedures that are performed for medical reasons. Basically, this means that you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate, for your rhinoplasty procedure, if it is performed for the purpose of functional correction. Functional correction refers to the treatment of health issues that have arisen as a result of damage to or misalignment of your nose. Our specialists will be able to provide you with further information on this, during your appointment. If you are getting nose surgery on the Gold Coast purely for aesthetic reasons, then you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Medicare does not offer rebates for any cosmetic procedures. This includes procedures performed by medical and surgical specialists. This means that if your nose is functional and you are only interested in an aesthetic procedure, you will not be able to claim through Medicare.

  • Will the procedure leave me any visible scarring?

    In a majority of cases, there is no visible scarring after the procedure. The incision is made inside the nose itself, so any scarring as a result of that will not be visible. However in a small number of cases, a very fine scar is visible beneath the nose. This scar is very small and it will usually be almost invisible three to six months after the operation. The outcome in this regard does depend on a few factors. Our specialist surgeons will be able to give you more advice on this during your preoperative consultations. Basically, you should not be too concerned about any scarring, because it is both unlikely and very discrete in the rare case that it is visible.

  • How can I pay for my rhinoplasty procedure?

    At the Dental Implant and Specialist Centre, we have refined our administrative process to be as straightforward as possible. We believe that the payment process should be as stress free as possible. That is why we offer several payment methods. Our professional administrative staff can help you organise to finance your procedure with a payment plan. If you are getting functional corrective rhinoplasty, then you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

    This means that you will be able to pay upfront. During your initial consultations, once your treatment plan has been developed, we will give you a quote. This quote will include an itemised list of the treatments you will undergo. In addition to these details, we will provide you with all the information you need to claim a Medicare or private health fund rebate. If you need any assistance navigating this process, please do not hesitate to approach our friendly staff. They are experienced professionals who are familiar with the systems that are in place. They have all the knowledge necessary to provide you will comprehensive advice and assistance.

  • How long will it take for me to recover from this procedure?

    Rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic in hospital, however it is a relatively non-invasive procedure. In most instances, you will only need to remain in hospital under postoperative care for one night. However, we do strongly advise that you take a minimum of one week off work or study. This time will allow your body to respond to the treatment and recover. It is vital that you take your surgeon’s advice and follow it carefully. Before your operation, we suggest that you organise to take a week off work, study or family commitments.

    It is also advisable that you organise for a friend or family member to take care of you. We will provide you with all the medicine necessary to recover without much discomfort. We will also provide you with advice and products to prevent any complications during the recovery period. Your specialist will run through these details with comprehensively before your surgery, to ensure that you are getting the highest possible standard of care.