FAQs – Wisdom Teeth Removal Gold Coast

  • How can I pay for wisdom teeth procedures?

    At the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre, we believe that important dental procedures like Gold Coast wisdom teeth removal should not cause undue financial stress. That is why we offer a range of payment options. One of our options is a payment plan.

    Our staff will provide you with the support you need to access finance in order to pay for your treatment. Our payment options do vary, so feel free to ask our staff for more information. We will provide you with a detailed outline of the costs associated with your procedure. This comprehensive outline will contain a quote. As a part of the quote, we offer the information you need to claim a Medicare or private health fund rebate. It is important to note that these rebates are only available for eligible procedures, so you will have to check the scope of your Medicare or private health cover. For more information on your payment option, contact us.

  • Do you perform the wisdom teeth procedure awake or asleep?

    The wisdom teeth removal procedure involves surgery, so we perform it under general anaesthetic. This means that you will be asleep while the surgery is being performed. Because of this, we will book your procedure into hospital facilities. Hospital facilities are extensive and come with the leading edge technology that allows for the best results.

    However, our specialists will still be performing the surgery. Before your procedure takes place, we will inform you of all the necessary administrative details. The hospital will also be in contact with you to confirm the details of your appointment. Your recovery time in the hospital itself will only be a few hours, as the procedure is not overly invasive. Once you have been cleared, you will be able to go home and rest there.

  • How much time will I need to assign to my recovery?

    The time taken for you to recover sufficiently from your surgery is normally two to three days. At the end of this period, many of our patients are fit to return to work or study. However, this period of time can vary – especially depending on the nature of your job. Your complete recovery will take much longer than a few days. In fact, it may take between six and eight weeks for you to return to a normal diet and regain the full movement of your mouth. Our specialists will be in touch for review appointments, so your progress will be closely monitored.

    The time taken for you to recover from the wisdom teeth procedure is largely age dependent. Although it is not possible to provide a completely accurate estimate, you can generally expect to add 1 extra day of recovery for each decade that you age.

  • My wisdom teeth are not actually bothering me – can I leave them as is?

    In certain circumstances, it is possible for you to retain your wisdom teeth without worrying about negative implications on your health. For our specialists to recommend surgery, the real benefits associated with the procedure must outweigh the potential risks. For some people, we actually recommend a process known as ‘watchful waiting.’ This is essentially non-surgical management and it involves closely monitoring your dental health and the conspecialist care for your wisdom teeth.dition of your teeth. If you fall under this category, we will develop a review process. Your review process will include a schedule of appointments to reassess your situation at certain intervals.

    This is very important, as it allows us to identify future issues in advance. Taking a proactive approach to dental health is always best. If we can identify a potential issue before it is sever, then your chances of experiencing negative symptoms is reduced. Not only will this allow us to avoid possible infections, but it will also allow us to prevent your teeth from moving within your mouth. This has the potential to save you a great deal of money in orthodontic work. It can also prevent chronic pain.