Frequently Asked Questions – Blepharoplasty Gold Coast

  • Will the Gold Coast blepharoplasty procedure leave me with any visible scarring?

    The blepharoplasty Gold Coast procedure does require skin incisions in the tissues around the eye, especially in the upper eyelid to address the excess skin or tissue. As with most procedures of this nature, you will be left with some very minor scarring. The natural creases and wrinkles in the skin around your eyelids are chosen as the sites for the skin incisions; thus ultimately hiding the scarring almost entirely. This means that you do not have to concern yourself too much with your appearance after the surgery. The scarring is usually very difficult to notice. Your eyes and cheeks will look younger and more vital. As your surgical wounds heal progressively, the scarring will become fainter. Once completely healed, the scarring is commonly barely visible.

  • Does Medicare offer any rebates for Gold Coast eyelid surgery?

    Blepharoplasty can be performed for a range of different reasons. In some cases, the excess skin and tissue around the eyes may be deemed an impediment to the vision and general health. Such patients may have a reduced range of vision (limited ability to see laterally – also called peripheral vision), which can be unsafe in certain occupational settings (e.g. driving). In these circumstances, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate toward the costs of the procedure.

    In most cases, however, Gold Coast blepharoplasty is primarily a cosmetic procedure that is performed to restore youth and vitality to the appearance of your eyes. Medicare does not offer rebates for any purely cosmetic procedures. 
Our surgeons at the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre will advise you of your treatment costs (including any Medicare rebates if applicable), payment terms and options for financing your procedure. You will receive a detailed written quote once your treatment plan has been finalized (generally after your initial consultation).

  • Will I need to arrange for much time off work to recover?

    At the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre, we are committed to achieving the best results for you. Where possible, minimally invasive approaches are utilized for blepharoplasty. Gold Coast eyelid surgery is a relatively low-impact procedure, however, it is still a surgical procedure requiring some time for recovery. In terms of the procedure; you will be in and out within the same day (day surgery). Following the surgery, you will generally need around 3-4 days for initial recovery. Your surgeon will provide further advice during the consultation depending on your particular circumstances and the proposed treatment.

  • How will I know if I need blepharoplasty?

    For most patients, they will either self-present with concerns about their facial appearance (ageing) or less commonly via referral with diagnosed limited fields of vision (peripheral vision). However, there are a few signs you may recognize yourself as a need to consider blepharoplasty. Firstly, consider how your eyes look. If you are troubled with visible excess sagging skin (bags) or fatty tissue? Secondly, you may have difficulty looking around drooping skin and tissue in order see out of the corners of your eyes (limited peripheral vision)? Thirdly, you may be troubled with tears running over your lower eyelid onto your cheek?

    Any of these circumstances may be appropriately managed with blepharoplasty. Our specialists are highly trained experts who can assess your situation and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. They will take into account your medical history and any other factors that may have an impact on your eyes.

    Our blepharoplasty Gold Coast procedures give you the benefits of:

    • More youthful and expressive upper face (less tired)
    • Improved visual function, especially lateral vision
    • Minimal scarring (either no skin incision or hidden in the skin’s natural folds)
    • Revitalized appearance with increased self-confidence.