FAQs – Cosmetic Dentistry Gold Coast

  • Some aspects of my teeth or smile make me self-conscious - what can I do?

    If you are concerned about certain features of your teeth or smile, then we can help. The first thing you need to do is book an appointment with our cosmetic dental specialist. Our consultations are designed to focus on you and your needs. Our specialist will ask you a few questions about what your specific concerns are.

    Additionally, our specialist will also ask you what the ideal outcome would be for your teeth. Once we have established this, we will be able to consider some solutions. Our specialist will run you through your options and decide upon the ideal course of action for you. All of our cosmetic dental treatments are designed to be as non-invasive as possible. We take all the steps necessary to ensure that you get the best outcome, in the easiest way possible. The treatment plan you get will be tailored to your specific circumstances.

    Each step outlined in your treatment plan will work towards improving the appearance of your teeth and creating the smile that you have always wanted.

  • How many times will I need to visit to achieve my desired outcome?

    The number of appointments needed to perform a cosmetic dental treatment depends on the issue in question.

    We take a personalised approach to all of our treatment plans. Different dental issues do require treatments of varying natures and because of this, the number of appointments you need varies. Treatment plans range from quite complex, to relatively straightforward; it all depends on the issue at hand. During your initial consultation, we will discuss and identify your dental issue. Once we have worked out the nature and extent of the problem, we can develop an ideal solution. We will provide you with a thorough and comprehensive outline of your treatment, which should give you some idea of how many visits will be necessary. Our specialists make every effort to complete your treatment promptly. In fact, many treatments require only one appointment following your initial consultation.

  • What types of dental issues can you address?

    At the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre, we understand that many dental issues can affect our patients’ self-confidence. To best address the needs of our patients in this regard, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services. Our specialists have all the knowledge, training and experience to undertake a broad spectrum of treatments and procedures. Some of the cosmetic dental treatments we offer are designed to address overbites, underbites, gummy smiles, discoloured teeth, uneven facial features, and receding chins.

    Gold Coast Cosmetic dentistry extends beyond teeth alone, which makes it an effective and extensive treatment option. If you have a dental feature or facial structure that affects your confidence, then we can help. Our specialists have the skills necessary to identify the problem and develop a targeted treatment plan. All of our services are patient-oriented and our focus is always on providing caring treatment.

  • What is your process for receiving payment?

    At the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre, we believe that paying for your treatment does not need to be stressful. We understand that different patients have different financial positions, which is why we have a variety of payment options. Our administrative process is designed to take some of the pressure off you. As a part of this, we offer payment plans as an option to finance your treatment. Our friendly reception staff will provide you with more information on our payment plans if you have any questions. In addition to this, we provide a detailed quote that outlines the price of your cosmetic dental treatment. This quote will include the details you need to claim a private health fund rebate if you are eligible.