Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a veneer and a crown?

    Many people mistake veneers for crowns and vice versa. However, there are some very distinct differences between the two. Most notably, a veneer is simply the visible front surface of the tooth. A crown, on the other hand, is all visible surfaces of the tooth. Simply described, a crown is a little bit like a thimble for your tooth.

    Both crowns and veneers are suitable for different purposes. Veneers are a favourable option when treating discolouration, size differences, gaps and malformation in teeth. Crowns are more suitable for teeth that have sustained more serious damage, such as broken teeth or teeth that are missing altogether. Here at the Dental Implant and Specialist Centre, we offer both crown and veneer treatments. The best way to determine which is suitable for you is to come in for an appointment. Our specialists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dental treatment. They will be able to assess your teeth and recommend the perfect solution.

  • Do veneers or crowns damage my teeth in anyway?

    The different nature and purpose of crowns and veneers means that they are applied differently. Veneers are bonded to the tooth with a resin produce. As a result, they are particularly non-invasive. Veneers are fitted to your teeth without any damage to your teeth whatsoever. In contrast, fitting crowns is a little more complex.

    Although it is still a relatively non-invasive procedure, crown treatments do require some reshaping of the teeth. Specifically, our specialists will have to remove some minor structure from the tooth. This allows them to fit the crown perfectly, in a way that ensures longevity and durability.

    The precise nature of both procedures does vary from patient to patient. In some instances, veneer treatments will require some reshaping of the gums around the teeth. This is quite minor, however, and it is performed using precision laser technology. This means that it is mostly painless and your recovery time is fast.

  • How will I pay for the treatment?

    At the Dental Implant and Specialist Centre, we are dedicated to making dental care accessible. That is why we offer a variety of payment options. Some of our procedures are eligible for Medicare or private health fund rebates. However this does vary, so it is important to check on your eligibility. We will provide all the important information on your detailed quote. This includes the relevant codes and information for you to claim a rebate for eligible procedures. For alternative payment methods, we offer several options as well.

    To minimise any financial pressure on you, we do have finance by payment plan options. Our friendly administrative team will inform you of these options when you come in for you appointment. We welcome the opportunity to address and of your questions. You can reach us at any time either in our clinic, or over the phone.

  • Will I need to get time off work for my veneer treatment?

    Our veneer treatments are among the least invasive dental treatments available. The procedure itself is quick, painless and requires minimal recovery time. In fact, the procedure is so streamlined that many of our patients find themselves returning to work on the same day. As a result, the only time you are likely to need off is for the treatment itself. Our specialists will inform you of the finer details of the procedure during your consultation.

    They will fill you in on the important information relating to the process and recovery.

  • Is the treatment performed awake or asleep?

    Because veneer treatments are painless and relatively fast, you will not need to asleep for the procedure. Our specialists will ensure that you are comfortable and well cared-for during the treatment period. Your comfort and care is at the forefront of our priorities, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.