Frequently Asked Questions – Brow Lift Gold Coast

  • Are your brow lift procedures covered by Medicare?

    Medicare does not provide rebates or payments toward this type of procedure, as it is considered purely cosmetic in nature. Private health funds operate under similar criteria and will not cover the cost of your brow lift treatment. This means that if you undergo a brow lift – surgical or otherwise – you will have to pay the full cost yourself. The cost of the procedure is something that we will outline for you once we have developed a treatment plan. If you have any questions regarding payment, then get in contact with our friendly staff.

  • Does the surgical brow lift procedure produce any scarring?

    To perform a surgical brow lift it is necessary to make small incisions. Invariably, any incision forms a scar, but a small, well positioned and well healed scar. Brow lift surgery normally leaves a very small scar high is very difficult to see on your forehead. The incision is located (where possible) within the hairline; making it discrete and unlikely to be easily visible or troublesome. With long-term healing and maturity (after 6 months), the scarring will subside and become even more difficult to see.

    If you need to know more about procedures associated with brow lift surgery then feel free to ask your Specialists. Our Specialist Surgeons are highly trained and have extensive experience in the facial cosmetic treatments. At the Dental Implant and Specialist Centre, our Specialists are committed to delivering excellent results for patients needing cosmetic facial surgery. You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

  • How long will I need to spend resting and recuperating after my brow lift surgery?

    The time needed to recover from surgery varies with each patient. Despite being a surgical procedure, brow lift surgery remains quite minimally invasive; when compared to some other procedures. The entire procedure will not take long and is normally performed under general anaesthesia (asleep) in a day surgery; meaning you would go home the same day. However despite this, it is still very important that you follow your Specialist’s instructions carefully. You will need to take time off your daily routine for 7-10 days in most cases.

    Early recovery may present issues such as tension or tightness in the skin across the forehead, a mild headache and some swelling and bruising. You are given written advice on recovery directions and scripted medication (pain relief and antibiotics) to ensure a trouble-free healing phase. Most patients experience a straightforward recovery by observing your Specialist’s care instructions.

  • If I cannot get a Medicare or private health fund rebate, what are my payment options?

    We offer a variety of payment options to help with the costs of your procedure. Please ask our friendly staff for information on your specific payment options. Every patient receives a detailed written quote for treatment, including Hospital and Anaesthetic estimates. For any questions regarding financing your treatment plan, please contact our professional staff to confirm the options available to you.