Frequently Asked Questions – Oral Surgeons Gold Coast

  • How much time will I need to take off work or study for my recovery?

    Your recovery time will vary for a number of reasons (the more complicated or difficult procedures take longer for you to fully recover from as opposed to simpler interventions).

    However, generally speaking, you will need between one to four weeks away from your usual timetable (work or study). It is important to allow your body time to recover properly and it should take precedence over any routine commitments you may have. The one to four week period is normally adequate for sufficient recovery to allow your comfortable return to your pre-surgery timetable (Le. this is not the complete recovery time which may take another 4 weeks).

    Your specialist Gold Coast oral surgeon will provide a more detailed overview of what you can expect during recovery from your particular procedure A series of review appointments are aimed at ensuring a trouble free recovery period. Our friendly staff will contact you to schedule review appointments Most patients only need a review 2 weeks after surgery, with some others requiring long term review over the following 2 years.

    These appointments are an important aspect of both your treatment and your ongoing general health following the procedure.

  • Will your practice provide me with a detailed quote outlining the cost of procedure?

    At the Dental Implant and Specialist Centre, we strive to make our administrative processes as streamlined as possible. To this end, we provide each of our patients with a comprehensive overview of the treatment to be undertaken.

    This overview includes a detailed written quote. The quote will include all the information you need, such as codes and details of the procedure, the Anesthetic fee estimate and the hospital costs. These details allow you to confirm rebates from both private health funds and Medicare.

    However, it is important to remember that most private health policies will only fund a small part of the overall procedure fees. Likewise. Medicare rebates do not reflect the true costs of providing a quality health service. Rebates from health fields vary widely and also depend on what other treatment you may have had performed in the same calendar year (most funds do not operate on financial years). As such, we suggest that you contact your health fund to confirm the rebates applicable and extent of coverage PRIOR to booking for your procedure.