Frequently Asked Questions: Cosmetic Surgery Gold Coast

  • Is a cosmetic surgeon the same as an oral or maxillofacial surgeon?

    There is a distinction between a Gold Coast plastic surgeon and a maxillofacial or oral surgeon. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly trained and experienced specialists in their specific fields of practice. The speciality of plastic or cosmetic surgery differs in that it offers patients a broad range of treatment options. These treatment options are a combination of medical, dental and surgical expertise. As a result, your initial assessment may be accompanied by dental or even orthodontic assessments as well. Different procedures require specialist knowledge in that particular field. Because cosmetic surgery is such a broad field, it does require a range of specialist inputs. At the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre, our specialists are leaders in their fields. Each medical and dental specialist has a wealth of experience, training and education. This allows them to ensure that you are getting perfect treatment, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Is cosmetic surgery covered by Medicare?

    Medicare is a public health fund, which means that it deals primarily with non-elective medical procedures. Cosmetic surgery Gold Coast is classed as an elective surgical procedure and as a result, Medicare does not cover any cosmetic procedures. That includes all procedures performed by a Gold Coast cosmetic surgeon. The same applies to certain private health funds, however, this varies depending on the extent of your cover and the nature of your procedure. It is best to clarify these matters before committing to your cosmetic surgery. When we provide you with a quote, it will include the relevant payment details, as well as a comprehensive list of details relating to your procedure.

  • How long will it take me to recover from my surgery?

    The specific amount of time taken for you to recover from a Gold Coast cosmetic surgery procedure will vary depending on several things. Most prominently, it depends on the procedure you undergo. These procedures include jaw surgery and similar treatments. Normally, the time taken to recover from such procedures is longer than the recovery time required for more minor procedures. Another important factor to take into account is your physical condition. People generally react a little differently to surgery, which means some patients may take longer to recover.

    When you complete your consultation with your Gold Coast plastic surgeon, we will ensure that you are informed of the details surrounding your procedure. These details will include recovery time. For most of our procedures, we recommend that you take the advice of your specialist and arrange to get work off for the relevant period of time. As with all of our treatments, we do try and take the least invasive approach possible. With the specialists from the Dental Implant & Specialist Centre, you will get the best care. We always try and keep recovery times to a minimum and ensure the optimum outcome for our patients.

  • How can I pay for my Gold Coast cosmetic surgery?

    At the Dental Implant and Specialist Centre, we can arrange payment via a number of methods. If you would prefer, we can accept an outright payment. However, if you require another method of payment then we might be able to help. For some procedures, we can organise a payment plan so that you can finalise your payment in an easy and non-stressful manner. We strive to make the administrative aspects of your treatment as straightforward as possible. Our professional admin team will happily provide you with further details of our payment options if necessary. Furthermore, we will present you with a comprehensive quote outlining all the costs associated with your procedure. It is important to remember that Medicare will not provide a rebate for cosmetic procedures. If this is an issue for you, then you can find out more about our payment methods by simply asking us.